The laundry case

Primary organisation

The most basic way to sort the laundry is to separate the WHITE (clear color) from the BLACK (dark color). It was our first shot.

Unfortunately, we have to resort again the clothes in order to set appart the fragil or stained clothes. So, with time, we have seen one then two and finally 5 differents laundry baskets popping up in different places of our bedroom.

The clue for a good organisation is the number of « tool movements ». I don’t have find any definition on internet but it is a common expression use by my compagnon. It could be explain by the number of click you will need to do an action on your smartphone for example. In brief, if it is not easy and quick to handle, it will never be applied.


Basket case

At the end, we have search the reason of the apparition of numerous baskets. The conclusion was the proliferation of the basket was not linked to the color of our clothes but with the matter.

  • The wool and the fragil matters was set appart.
  • The shirt needed a pre treatment for the sweat stains.
  • My bra have to be put on a net bag avoiding tangling.
  • The bath and the dish towels have to be cleaned to a higher temperature.

We also are limited by the programs on our washing machine.

Finally, we have divided our dirty laundry in 6 baskets corresponding to the temperature program.

  1. WHITE 60°C: towels
  3. COLOR 40°: t-shirt, underwear
  4. BLACK 30°
  5. FRAGIL 30°: shirt, bra, t-shirt with motif

IMG_4031 (1)

The label have been made with transparent duck tape, ribbon, paper and origami paper. Totally homemade !

After operational use, one basket doesn’t fill our washing machine and we mix up 2 baskets so  I think we have to refine it.