Want to save time on the morning : Know yourself

I have made one of my great discover when I became a mother.

Before, I have a lot of time to occupy to myself, my needs, my wishes, but, with my baby girl, this time has disapeared.

Before, I have the time to try things with my hair (color, hairstyles) and to try different styles, go to shopping several days in the week, just for wandering. It is not the case anymore.

Every morning, I have to jump under the shower, try to make some stretching, be dressed up, prepare the breakfast, release the kraken, make her eat (believe me it could be exausting), put it shoes and go the kindergarten.

So, I need to be more efficient in order to do everything and I’m not a pro. My compagnon has the time to empty the dishwasher and prepare a laundry before to go to work. The main difference is that he doesn’t need to make up or brush any hair ^^.

To resume TO SAVE TIME, I NEED TO KNOW MYSELF (HONNESTLY). And this research have to be made beforehand. It is like loose time to save it after.



You can easily find online website with morphology calculator to know if you are a A, a H or a O (no kidding). So, you will know your shape and research the style which will suit you the most.

GAIN: you will not loose your time on the clothing shop fitting a dress that at the end will be horrible on you.

It’s the same thing with your MAKE UP. Are blonde, brown hair, what is the shape of your face ?

Go to a make up shop to take advise from a vendor, precise the time you have on morning and ask for an essay before to buy. First, to be sure and second, to see how a professional works.

All my morning make up stuff are store on a small basket, therefore, I don’t loose time searching things and store them in different places.

For your HAIR, choose a haircut that do not need to much care. YOUTUBE is full of advice on hairstyles that need less of 5 min to make. If you are fingers challenged, train yourself before not on the rush.


Go to check the Project 33. a minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months. I’m not fond of minimalism but it is just advice from people who try and « succeed » to simplify their life and empty their house. So good advices are from everywhere.


Closet cleaning flow


With less piece in my closet, it is easiest to choose what to wear.


When you will realize the time it takes to take declutter, you will think before to buy anything.



Watch the weather. Prepare your outfit the day before. So, when you will arise like a zombie from your bed and jump under the shower, you will have no neurones to sacrify on the altar of the fashion.

I hope this will give you some clues to save time on morning rush.


DIY Tissues box into all purposes box

My mother used to make this all-purposes boxes from tissues box. It’s really EASY, FAST and CHEAP.

I use them in every drawer to organise pens, kitchen accessories, ribbons, everything.

All you need is an empty tissue box, a scissor and some adhesive tape.


The laundry case

Primary organisation

The most basic way to sort the laundry is to separate the WHITE (clear color) from the BLACK (dark color). It was our first shot.

Unfortunately, we have to resort again the clothes in order to set appart the fragil or stained clothes. So, with time, we have seen one then two and finally 5 differents laundry baskets popping up in different places of our bedroom.

The clue for a good organisation is the number of « tool movements ». I don’t have find any definition on internet but it is a common expression use by my compagnon. It could be explain by the number of click you will need to do an action on your smartphone for example. In brief, if it is not easy and quick to handle, it will never be applied.


Basket case

At the end, we have search the reason of the apparition of numerous baskets. The conclusion was the proliferation of the basket was not linked to the color of our clothes but with the matter.

  • The wool and the fragil matters was set appart.
  • The shirt needed a pre treatment for the sweat stains.
  • My bra have to be put on a net bag avoiding tangling.
  • The bath and the dish towels have to be cleaned to a higher temperature.

We also are limited by the programs on our washing machine.

Finally, we have divided our dirty laundry in 6 baskets corresponding to the temperature program.

  1. WHITE 60°C: towels
  3. COLOR 40°: t-shirt, underwear
  4. BLACK 30°
  5. FRAGIL 30°: shirt, bra, t-shirt with motif

IMG_4031 (1)

The label have been made with transparent duck tape, ribbon, paper and origami paper. Totally homemade !

After operational use, one basket doesn’t fill our washing machine and we mix up 2 baskets so  I think we have to refine it.

Another boring useless blog


First, to improve my English (I need to kick my ass and write in English on an interesting subject for me).

Second, to share my experience as a young organizational Padawan.

To give to Caesar…Most of the ideas presented here are from my boyfriend (a serial optimizer). As you will see/read I’m an average girl (geek because one word is shorter than a list I’m interested in, lifehacker, DIYer, …).



  • I HAVE an ass of lead, so I love to stay at home
  • I’m LAZY (less since I’m Mum)
  • I LOVE my routines and I HATE changes (Big changes, not the problematic of choosing a color of sock in the morning)
  • I’m EGOCENTRIC, so I don’t do things that’s not in relation with me
  • I lOVE my comfort. Not too hot, not too cold, and comfortable clothes.

WHO I AM NOT (because I think I’m not just an egocentric asshole)

  • NARROW-MINDED, Yeah, I love to discover new things but I don’t apply them automatically to my life.
  • I CAN CHANGE, I’m not fond of but it’s possible
  • Technophobe, Yeah I have a blog !
  • MANUALLY HANDICAPPED, I can do things with my fingers. No rule 34 !!
  • BLIND, I can see when a situation is shitty.


  • More organized
  • Stop stress about money, time, cleaning, work, LIFE
  • Gain free time to do things I have abandoned as learning new skills, sewing, cooking…
  • Save MONEY (first I need to collect underwear ^^)


My solution will not be your solution (depend of your situation etc) and most of the time, I’m just (for me and my boyfriend – MBF) in the MINDFUCK phase.

So I hope you will find some clues to your answer or explore a lead for your questioning.

PS: As I’m French, some ressources or links/recommandations will be in French but I will try to use English materials if possible.

MENU PLANNER or Planning Meal


Iphone App to increase your home productivity

Principle 101:

  • Plan your meal for the incoming week
  • List your grocery needs
  • Buy your ingredients ONCE
  • Prepare in advance some meals – Freeze or not
  • Cook the rest every day


Version 2.0:

  • Using an app on your smartphone. For us, MENU PLANNER (unfortunately, only available on IOS device)
  • Plan your meal for the incoming week
  • List your grocery needs
  • Synchronize on your device (tablet, smartphone)
  • Buy your ingredients ONCE (Drive on Monday + market on Sunday)
  • Manage your pantry (I’m not really at it)
  • Prepare in advance some meals – Freeze or not
  • Cook the rest every day
  • SERENITY 2.0


Low tech version:

  • Print a meal planner or use a blackboard on the kitchen



  • Saving time buying online (on Chronodrive for us not on the MENU PLANNER, it’s not possible) and go pick up to the drive once a week on the go home path.
  • Saving money buying only what you need for the week. No more temptations in the supermarket!
  • Not asking you what I’m going to cook when you come with your daughter.
  • Saving time preparing food in advance and store on the freeze the leftovers
  • Your recipes are available on the app, so, MBF can make the diner without problems



  • MENU PLANNER is not available on other OS
  • You have to pay every time you want to install it on a new device
  • You have to enter your recipes and it’s very long



  • Don’t try a new recipe on week. It will take too much time, prefer the weekend for the experimentation
  • Calculate your recipes for 2 if you are a couple with a child. Especially, if you add Soup on 2 different days, it will multiply your ingredients.
  • Transform the names of the ingredients; do not put 3 different forms of butter. It will simplify your grocery list
  • Use the note to put on your meal leftover. If you add the recipe, it will add the ingredient.
  • Create entry as Restaurant or Leftover party, to remember not to cook something
  • Create useful item as Canned beans or frozen yakitori for ready to eat food
  • You can create salad various around the tomatoes or create an entry for each ingredient

At the end, we use it since 2013 and it’s really helpful. In the past, I have problems to constitute healthy meals (starchy food, meat, vegetables) but it’s not the fault of the app, it’s only because I always think in terms of starchy food and meat and forget the vegetables.

In order to be more confident with the meal planning, you can use at first a piece of paper to visualize your week.